These are being made in different shape and size depending upon the property of the material, which is to be stored. Shape and size also depend upon site condition and the size of the silo / Hopper itself. It also designed as per the available height of the roof and the requirement height of the discharge.

Discharge system is usually provided at the bottom and sometime from one of its side. The discharge gate is design on the basis of physical properties of the material flow, particle size and rate of flow of the material. It also depends upon required automation to control the discharge. Hence while asking for Silos/ Hopper all such detail should be provided so that we may design the right size and shape of Silos/Hopper.







MODEL Capacity

(Basis of B.D. 1.0 (M3)

Plate Thick – ness Total


Top Area
1. 10 TON (10.1M3) 5 & 3 2250MM 2500X2500
2. 20 TON (20.0M3) 6 & 3 3135MM 3125X3125
3. 30 TON (30.0M3) 6 & 3 3450MM 3750X3750
4. 40 TON (40.0M3) 6 & 3 3750MM 4375X4375
5. 50 TON (50.0M3) 6 & 3 3875MM 4375X3750
6. 60 TON (60.0M3) 8,5 & 4 4375MM 4375X4375
7. 80 TON (80.0M3) 8,5 & 4 4700MM 5000X5000
8. 100 TON (100.0M3) 8,5 & 4 5000MM 5625X5625


[ The above production figures are on tentative basis as it depends upon the hardness & Grinding ability of the mineral which may  vary +/- ]