Laxmi Pulveriser is a high speed swing beater type Grinding Mill. Pulverization is achieved by the impact of beater on the material in the Grinding Chamber. The fine powder is swept by the suction of the blower from the Grinding chamber through whizzer classifier. The function of the whizzer blade and cone is to check the oversize particles and thus regulates the mesh size by shifting the whizzer blade to the cone side. The function of the blower is to deliver sized particles to the cyclone where particles are separated from the air by the centrifugal force developed in the cyclone. The powder is discharged by the cyclone outlet and the separated air returns back to the grinding chamber by semi round bend. The excess air escapes through dust collection bags connected with semi round bend. The extra fine particles are collected through Dust Collectors.


Laxmi Pulveriser are manufactured from the best raw material available. The main body of the machine such as Base Plate, Grinding Chamber, Whizzer Cone & the Blower are made of cast iron. Every portion which comes in contact while grinding the material is lined with steel plates. The circumference of the grinding chambers which comes in impact with the material is lined with Hard C.I. replaceable liners to ensure a long life of the machine & to protect it from wear & tear.


 Laxmi Pulverizer is an ideal unit for grinding all types of soft & hard non –abrasive minerals such as; Talc, Soapstone, Dolomite, Calcite, Barite, and similar minerals. The mesh size varies from 60 to 500 meshes. It is also used in pesticides formulation, for grinding of dry chemicals.


The Laxmi Pulveriser are available in five different sizes to fulfill your required production capacity. The Laxmi Pulveriser are designed in efficient & scientific manner to give maximum production with low power consumption & high efficiency.


  • Silica Separator

It can be provided at extra cost with the pulveriser to separate the heavier & siliceous materials.

  • Mixer

It is used for mixing of chemicals after grinding & pesticides formulation .We supply special type of mixers to attach with the pulveriser as under:

  • Ribbon Blender - Liquid-liquid Mixing
  • Orbiting Mixer - Free Flowing Dry Solids (Vertical Screw)
  • Rotary Mixer - liquid -powder Mixing

Cone Classifier

It can be attached at extra cost to the pulveriser to produce high mesh materials.



* Motor * Electricals * Motor Rails * Motor Pulley * Cotton Bags for Dust Collector * V-Belts        

* Foundation Bolts * Civil Works  * Erection & Commissioning

Abbreviations: ‘O’ stands for Ordinary , ‘D’ stands for Deluxe and B.C. stands for Broad chamber. A. Power required in HP                                                                                                                         



The capacity indicated in the Column 'B' varies with various minerals, mesh & also grind ability behavior of the minerals