This plant consist Ball Mill, Dual Cone, Cyclone collector, centrifugal blower, Reverse Pulse Jet Dust Collector, duct lines etc. Ball Mill Consist ceramic lining and grinding media is also of ceramic grade. The air circuit is in closed loop.

The details of power requirement and other allied equipments being an integral part of the Ball Mill are furnished as under:

01           Jaw Crusher                   20HP/1440 RPM/TEFC/Sq. Cage Motor

02           Belt feeder                      5HP/1440 RPM/TEFC/Sq. Cage Motor

03           Ball Mill                            100HP/960 RPM/TEFC/Sq. Cage Motor

04           Blower                               30HP/1440 RPM/TEFC/Sq. Cage Motor

05           Compressor                    7.5HP/1440 RPM/TEFC/Sq. Cage Motor

06           Feldspare                         200 Mesh -1 % Retention -1400 Kgs/hr

07           Quartz                               200 Mesh -1 % Retention – 1500 Kgs/hr                                                   

NOTE: Production may vary depending upon the Quality & Chemical Nature of Raw Material.