After feeding the material by elevator to second hopper it has been send to hammer mill. Hammer mill is the machine which can express by its name, Hammer mills are used for grinding almost all types of free flowing materials. Hammer mills operate on the principle that most of materials will grind or crush upon the impact of swinging hammers. The material is feed in to hammer mill from the top and falls in to grinding chamber by gravity. The material is contacted by series of rotating hardened hammers. Hammers are made up of magnise, which are hardened up to required hardness. Repeated contact with hammers; contact with the walls or screens of the grinding chamber and particle-to-particle contact grind the material. The material remains in grinding chamber until it is suitably sized to pass through perforated screen applied.


This machine is Swing / Beater type. It crushes stones and discharge through a Grate. The grate size can be adjusted as per the requirement.


hammer milMotor pulley

2 number cotton balloon

Anti-vibrating foundation Stand with adjustable rail for motor
3 numbers of perforated round holes screens.


Feed size:-        50 to 75 mm
Output size:-    -6 to - 25 mm
Size :-               1000 mm X 300 mm – 3 tons/hrs. - 10 tons/hrs.

                         1000 mm x 500 mm – 6 tons/hrs. – 20 tons/hrs.

[ The above production figures are on tentative basis as it depends upon the hardness & Grinding ability of the mineral which may  vary +/- ]